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POST-TENSION – Flat Systems


PBL post tensioning systems are developed with the features to meet application requirements which need simplicity, efficiency as wells as cost competitiveness.


The PBL Post Tensioning Systems Type “SF” is composed of two systems, Mono-strand Unbonded Tendon System and Multi-strand Flat Duct -Bonded Tendon System. The Mono­strand Unbonded Tendon System is a system that each tendon comprises with a single strand in its own duct and typically used in buildings slab. The mono-strand unbonded tendon comes individually greased and polyethylene coated and are therefore permanently de-bonded from the slab. Meanwhile, the Multi-strand Flat Duct -Bonded Tendon System provides 2-5 strands in one plane, where the tendons (bundle of strands) are located within oval shaped ducts injected with cement grout after the stressing procedure.


PBL Anchor head for Mono-strand unbonded and Multi-strand Flat Duct -Bonded systems are designed and manufactured to meet European Standard EN 10083. All type of Anchor Heads are thoroughly researched and developed to ensure that the highest efficiencies and quality will be achieved in every application PBL anchor head is used. (See Table 1. for Anchor Head and Anchor Plate Type)


The PBL post tensioning products are designed and manufactured under quality control program to meet international standards.

  • Unbonded greased and P.E. coated P.C. strand
  • Bonded P.C. strand and PT bar
  • Post tensioned anchorage components for bond and unbonded tendons (anchor head, anchorage bearing plate, wedge, spiral etc.)


PBL post tensioning systems can be used efficiently in all applications of Building and Engineering works including

  • Building floor slabs
  • Bridge girders
  • Tanks and Silos
  • Many other applications
Anchor Head TypeAnchorage Plate Casting TypeNo. of StrandStrand Diameter
SF-105SF-10510.5 inch (12.7mm/12.9 mm)
SF-106SF-10610.6 inch (15.2mm/15.7 mm)
SF-205SF-20520.5 inch (12.7mm/12.9 mm)
SF-305SF-305/20630.5 inch (12.7mm/12.9 mm)
SF-405SF-405/30640.5 inch (12.7mm/12.9 mm)
SF-505SF-505/40650.5 inch (12.7mm/12.9 mm)
SF-206SF-206/30520.6 inch (15.2mm/15.7 mm)
SF-306SF-405/30630.6 inch (15.2mm/15.7 mm)
SF-406SF-505/40640.6 inch (15.2mm/15.7 mm)
SF-506SF-50650.6 inch (15.2mm/15.7 mm)
Table 1 : Types of Anchorages

Anchorage components

As shown in Figure 1 to 8 the anchorage set comprises with

  • Pocket Former
  • Wedge
  • Anchor Plate Casting
  • Anchorage Bursting Reinforcement
  • P.E. Connector
  • Unbonded strand Greased and P.E. coated
  • Encapsulate Plastic Anchor cap