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Stay Cables

Span Systems International is the exclusive licensee of Dywidag Systems International in Thailand who has developed, tested, supplied, installed, inspected, monitored, maintained, repaired, and exchanged stay cables for cable-supported structures since 1970. The scope of services include:

The research and development around DYWIDAG’s stay cable systems combine the highest safety and reliability standards—with economic efficiency. The DYNA Grip® System, introduced in 2000, was designed to meet the needs of modern cable systems at the turn of the millennium—and is still in use today.  The standard DYNA Grip® System includes installation equipment and project-specific engineering with inspection and test plans, detailed method statements—and a comprehensive inspection and maintenance manual.

Our economical and high-performance stay cable systems reliably transfer the loads from the deck via the pylon to the foundation—and are long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Additional features can be added to the stay cables, depending on the project needs

Offered services